Hello, I’m Jen!

I Love Photography!

It lasts even when our memories start to get a little fuzzy around the edges.

I was one of those happy kids who probably drove all their friends crazy carrying a camera around everywhere. This resulted in driving my mother crazy by begging her to go develop film and sequentially ruining her walls with Funtac while attempting to create the world’s largest wall collection of random portraits! Since those days I have helped my mother repaint her walls and have moved on to bigger and better wall collections.

I have a degree in professional photography technology and I enjoy filling my home full of the art I love to create. My husband Ben and our wonderful pups Daisy and Bernard are never ending sources of inspiration.

When working with you I want us all to have fun! The result will be beautiful images that you will cherish always! If my style makes you happy I would love the opportunity to capture the memories you cherish most.

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