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10 Fun Winter Engagement Portraits!

Written by Jen on . Posted in Engagement Love, Will You? I DO!

Happy New Year! As if it wasn’t cold enough, apparently Mother Nature has Minnesota confused with Antarctica. Current relative temp with windchill: -34. Ouch.

But its not always so ridiculous cold – and when its not, it makes for some pretty epic portraits :) In the spirit of the new year, and hopefully new blogging resolutions, I wanted to share some of my fun from Charles and Kendall’s wintery engagement session from last year.

We started out formal and sassy – they said I DO! at a Glacial Ridge Winery and it was so fun to include that element. I love this image – they both look so fierce! Can you say power couple!?! Gorgeous!

Couple by Wine Barrels

Then on to some snuggly sweaters – ps, her socks make me swoon!

Engagement Couple Snuggling on Bed

Portrait of couple

Then we headed out to the lake :) ( **Always make sure bodies of water are totally frozen before you go playing on them – be safe!** )

Couple kissing on frozen lake

Can you say cute?!! I love Charles’ expression!

Couple snuggling on frozen lake

We ended with a little cold weather gear fun! Winter accessories are so much fun! Hats, scarves, mittens, blankets, coats, socks, sweaters – all so cozy! And fun – I just love these playful images!

Couple making funny faces in hats

And, of course, more snuggling :)

Sun flare couple snuggling in snow

I’m longing to play outside – here’s hoping this extreme cold snap doesn’t last long. Don’t let winter get you down – it may be chilly but its still an amazing time to plan an engagement session with your bride/groom-to-be. Already said I DO! – NO PROBLEM! Grab your honey bunny, your family, your pooch – heck just you! – and plan some wintery portrait fun! I’d love to brainstorm with you :) Get bundled, get snuggly, and have a blast! (Though, if you’re anywhere in Minnesota, be sure you wait until at least after Wednesday – brrrrr!)

Stay Warm!

~ Jen

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