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The Return of Lump Day – St. Cloud / Central MN Pet and Lifestyle Photography

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Wow. Almost 2 months. I have to apologize for leaving you all in the lurch. The past several weeks have been a whirl wind of emotions and so many crazy things….but that’s perhaps a story for another day….

Today is for Daisy.

I’ve actually heard from many people how happy Daisy’s Lump Day posts make them – which make me feel even worse for being such a pokey blogger…..but Lumper’s and I had a little mini session after a lovely business portrait this morning and it seemed like the perfect timing – being Wednesday and all. I love with the star’s align.

Fun Fact: Daisy is not a huge fan of Mommy’s crazy curb-side-find chair. Not quite roomy enough for her liking – she’s much more of a lounger. Although, by the end, she did manage to lay down all the way and keep her entire body on the chair. She never ceases to amaze me.

Was only going to share the one, but this one just makes me too happy not to share. Its very ‘Classic Daisy’. By this point, Ben had gone back to working on our new laundry room and was making ‘scary’ noises upstairs.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but Daisy HATES when Ben works on the house. Doesn’t matter what – even quiet activities like painting. As soon as she sees him put on his iPod, she in the basement cowering on her bed under his desk. To be honest, I’m surprised I got both of these shots, as they were taken after he’d gone back upstairs and I thought for sure I was going to lose her immediately to the basement. Poor tramatized puppy.

Happy Lump Day. Its nice to be back.


~ Jen

Whoopie! (Pie): The Return of Lump Day – St. Cloud Pet Photography / Lifestyle Photography

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Hello happy blog world!

It has been FAR too long. Just one of those months, I guess. I’ve been planning this Lump Day post for quite awhile. The timing just never really worked out. Ben and I were out of town, then just busy bees getting things ready for clients, and overall just never really getting to it. Normally I have all day on Wednesday to capture Daisy for Lump Day. But for this particular post, Ben needed to be present – which made things a little trickier.

This morning, the stars aligned and I am happy to be able to present you with an extra special, long awaited, Lump Day Whoopie Pie EXTRAVAGANZA!

Ok. So here’s the story behind the whoopie pie :)

About a month ago, Ben and I were in search of a Dog Bakery. I needed to purchase a gift for the lovely and talented Sara Kauss, who was kind enough to come to Minnesota and speak to the MNPPA. Knowing Sara has two lovely doggie babies, I thought some goodies for them would be the perfect gift! And they were – once we finally located the bakery……

It was one of those weird days, when you drive around and could SWEAR what you were looking for was RIGHT THERE! And its not. And you have know idea where you need to go to find what you’re looking for. But, damnit, I WANT SOME TASTY DOGGIE GOODIES!

FINALLY, Ben and he’s awesome internet and driving skills got us to Lulu and Luigi.  ( )  And it is amazing! Cookies, clothes, EVERYTHING to pamper your pooch! It was devine! We just couldn’t leave with out getting Daisy something fun.

And then we saw the Whoopie Pie.

I mean, seriously!? This is a DOG cookie!? How awesome is this thing!? WE wanted to eat it! I looks so amazing and colorful and huge and wonderful! It has been KILLING me to see it on the shelf, waiting patiently for schedules to work (and Daisy’s belly to not be rumbly – there have been days in between that I could have given it to her, but I really didn’t want to clean up whoopie pie puke…..) It was so great to finally give her this awesome goodie!

And she loved it.

Our happy girl after her special treat. Oh the things we do for our kids :)

Happy Lump Day everyone – thanks for your patience!


~ Jen

Waiting For Daddy – St. Cloud Pet / Lifestyle Photographer

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Hello Hello!

This week’s Lump Day post is inspired by Daisy and my morning walks. Just about every morning – well, seeing as we do live in Minnesota, let’s make that May-October mornings, Daisy and I will go for a walk. And on the nights that Ben works, our morning walk will frequently be to go and get Daddy as he’s finishing up his shift. (A little game for those of you who don’t already know – can you guess where Ben works by the photograph?)

Daisy LOVES these walks. Its basically 3 miles full of happy smells that she gets to drag Mommy all over town in a quest to find Daddy. LUMPY HEAVEN.

And when we do arrive, she will get as close to the door as physically possible and wait.


Pondering how she might get in there so she can find him faster – although she’s never actually made it farther than the vestibule (not for lack of trying though).

She just may make it in one of these days. All the ladies adore her. “She could pass for a service dog, right? Just bring her on in!”

(At this, Ben and I normally bust out laughing. Daisy is by no means graceful. Especially on linoleum floors. It is, by far, one of the most amusing, falling down silly dog dances you will ever see. She gets so excited and moves so fast, she’s all legs – splayed out all over the floor. The day pigs fly is the day Daisy will pass for a service dog.)

But anywho, today was another lovely morning filled with a lovely walk to Daddy. The complete joy she has when he walks out that door always brings a smile to my face.

What a great way to start Lump Day.


~ Jen

Lump Day, Times 2 – St. Cloud Pet Photography / Lifestyle Photography

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That’s the sound of last week’s Lump Day post never being posted. Not even a day late – just not AT ALL. Sorry folks, I don’t even have a good excuse for ya. Apparently since Wednesday last week was one of few that wasn’t gloomy and rainy, I felt the need to soak up some sunshine. To make up for it, I have TWO lovely images of a certain awesome Lumpy Pup for your enjoyment :)

This week has been full of sunshine! We’ve been spending lots of time out in the yard, getting the gardens going, mowing, cleaning, getting the newest composter going, planing new flowers, the works. And Miss Mae has been enjoying Spring – sunshine, happy bird songs, lots of smells, and attempting to catch bees.

Budding trees are a wonderful place to find bees. She loves to catch them, although I have no idea why; they sting her in the mouth when she does and she does NOT enjoy that. I guess we all have things we know we shouldn’t do but do them anyways because they make us happy, even if only briefly.

My fav from today – so intent on what I’m up to. Focused on everything around us, the protector of the house.

I hope that helps fill your Lumpy Pup void from last weeks absence. Stay tuned next week for another peek into the wonderful world of Daisy :)

Happy Lumpy Day.


~ Jen

Lazy Day (Interrupted) ~ St. Cloud Pet Photographer / Lifestyle Photographer

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It’s raining/snowing…..again. Apparently Spring is just refusing to ‘spring’ this year. I miss my flowers and the sunshine. I miss walks with Miss Daisy – neither of us are overly enthused to get soaked walking around at barely above freezing temps just to take a stroll.

About the best thing to do on overly gray days like today is lay around and nap. Seeing as I have work to do, and am void of such luxuries, I figured I would at least photograph Daisy during her nap – you know, to live vicariously through her, so to speak.

She was not amused.

Shortly hereafter, she got up and wandered off to slumber in private.

How dare I.

Happy Lump Day.


~ Jen

Oh Mother Nature – Central Minnesota Pet / Lifestyle Photography

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Daisy and I woke up this morning to an April 20th Winter Wonderland. Needless to say, the big question on Daisy’s mind (and everyone else’s I would imagine) is “What’s up Mother Nature?”

Its already started melting, but still – really?

Oh Minnesota, we love you – even when you are full of crazy.

Happy Lump Day.


~ Jen

Paris, Pt. 1 – Central MN International Photographer

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Today needs a little peek of Paris.

About a week ago, I returned from an amazing week long trip to Paris. I attended Scott Robert Lim’s World Tour Workshop, and worked not only on improving my skills as a photographer and artist, but also on myself.

It was a trip of firsts. My first international flight…….my first flight alone. Its very interesting not traveling with Ben. I had never flown without him. To be honest, I was slightly terrified to do it alone. Well, that, and the ever present dread I tend to have that I’ll throw up (again…) on a plane. (Its happened, it was not a good time… you motion sickness!) On top of that, you have navigating by your self, especially in a country where you don’t speak the native language, and (sadly) hauling all your luggage around with no one to help share the load (note to self, pack lighter. You don’t need to bring 4 books with….besides the French dictionary, you didn’t crack one of them you crazy woman….)

But, anywho – I made it. It was amazing. I didn’t miss any of my flights, I got around on the Metro and RER, I experienced Paris and I had a blast! I’m proud of myself. I meet many amazing individuals in the SRL Community and look forward to seeing them again someday. I’m happy to have a mentor in Scott, someone I know will support me and help me grow my business and skills as I move on in life. I’m thrilled to have international colleagues to visit, bounce ideas off of, and say hey, I know people in Slovenia!

I love that I took this time to invest in myself. I’m not going to lie – I had a minor panic attack before pressing the button to book this workshop. Sometimes investing in yourself shakes you to the core. But in the end, you realize that if you let fear rule every decision you make, you really won’t make any decisions.

You won’t live you life.

I don’t want to wake up 20 years (hell 5 YEARS) from now and wonder, “What if….?” Do something for me today – take a little risk. Doesn’t have to be a big one. But take one, and do something you’ve always wanted to do, always wanted to try.

And know that it’s ok if it doesn’t turn out the way you expected. That’s life – and at least you’re living it. You really can never fail when you’re investing in yourself – whatever experience you have is always worth it.


“On to the images!” you say! Can do! For this first post, I wanted to share some of the amazing and inspirational art that is EVERYWHERE in Paris! Its amazing to walk down any street (with just ordinary buildings that are works of art in themselves – but that’s another post…) and be bombarded with art. Its lovely and makes be incredibly happy.

(She has a friend)

One of my favorites – So much going on, all under her gaze. Love.

More to come from Paris.


~ Jen

Ah Sunshine – St. Cloud Pet Photographer / Lifestyle Photographer

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Since being home, I’ve been playing catch up – while trying to enjoy some time with Ben and Daisy. And when the sun is shining, its hard not to take a minute to enjoy.

Its so nice to have the porch chairs out, sit outside as a family, and enjoy the sun shine. Perhaps I’ll even be able to wrestle her out of my spot…..
What a lovely dork she is.

Happy Lump Day.


~ Jen

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