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Class of 2013 Recap: Sauk Rapids-Rice High School

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Morning and Happy April!

I’ve had Senior’s on the brain lately! I’ve interviewed and selected the NEW JTP Model Rep’s for the Class of 2014 and cannot WAIT to start their Senior Experiences! I’ve also had the chance to meet with a bunch of 2013′s awesome seniors and get create some great graduation announcements!

While meeting with them, its reminded me how FUN last senior season was! So, it got me thinking – why not do a little recap! Today I’d like to share some of the awesome individuals from Sauk Rapids-Rice High School’s Class of 2013! Keep an eye out for these guys and gals – they are going to do amazing things!

Thank you all for choosing Jen Thompson Photography for your Senior Experience! It was a blast to work with you all!

Stay tuned – more amazing individuals from areas high schools to come!

~ Jen

Class of 2014: MODELS WANTED! ~ Senior Portrait Photography

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Its that time of year! I’m looking for fun, outgoing, quirky, responsible, awesome individuals from the Class of 2014 to represent Jen Thompson Photography!

Model Reps have a blast – all while earning amazing perks!

Interested in being a Rep for the Class of 2014?!? APPLY NOW!

(Follow the link, fill out the survey, and stay tuned!)

Thanks for your interest – I can wait to start brainstorming awesome sessions for the Class of 2014!

~ Jen

Ring in the New Year! ~ St. Cloud/Central MN Wedding Photography

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Happy New Year!

Thought we should ‘Ring’ in the New Year with a little bling! Take a peek at the gorgeous rings from some of last year’s wonderful weddings!

I LOVED this little guy!! Zoom!

So lovely – so much fun! The 2013 wedding season is going to be a blast – I can’t wait to celebrate with all my lovely couples this year! I still have a few dates open – if you’re planning your big day, give me a shout! I’d love to brainstorm something fun for your big day!

Happy 2013 – make the most of it!

~ Jen

Class of 2012: Recap of some amazing individuals! – St. Cloud/Central MN High School Senior Photography

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Hello Hello!

One of the amazing parts of my job is all the awesome people I have opportunity to meet and capture. This past year, I was so thrilled to meet some amazing individuals of the Class of 2012. Graduation is quickly approaching and I can’t wait to see where their journeys take them!

Alyssa ~ Sartell Class of 2012

Alyssa ~ Cathedral Class of 2012

Bryan ~ Apollo Class of 2012

Jenny ~ Cathedral Class of 2012

Jenna ~ Tech Class of 2012

Savannah ~ Sauk Rapids/Rice Class of 2012

Erik ~ Sauk Rapids/Rice Class of 2012

Karin ~ Apollo Class of 2012

Rebecka ~ Tech Class of 2012

Jack ~ Apollo Class of 2012

Ny ~ Tech Class of 2012

Shayna ~ Tech Class of 2012

Tiffany ~ Sauk Rapids/Rice Class of 2012

Jenifer ~ Sauk Rapids/Rice Class of 2012

So – while I know its a little early, CONGRATULATIONS to the entire Class of 2012! Believe in yourselves, go for your goals, and have a blast!


~ Jen

Sunshine Time, The Return of Lump Day, and Introducing Bernard – St. Cloud and Central MN Pet and Lifestyle Photography

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Its been too long.

Hello happy blogger world – and Happy Lump Day to you all! I feel like such a horrible Mother and Blogger – I haven’t posted in WAY to long, nor have I kept up with my lovely Lump Day posts. In addition, Daisy, Ben and I would like to introduce and have you all welcome the newest member of our little family, our son, Bernard.

We were thrilled to find and adopt Bernard back in November (again, I know – horrible Mother) and he fits in perfectly with our crazy little family. He is a two year old Boston Terrier, whom we adopted from the Midwest Animal Rescue and Services out of Minneapolis.  While Daisy really isn’t a ‘dog’ sort of dog, they actually get along very well – infact, she often lets him sit/lay on her, which we aren’t really sure why he enjoys doing that but maybe it keeps him warm or something…..he’s a little odd, but we all are, so it works :) Its interesting to watch them play – Miss Mae is SO stompy when she plays – its hilarious to watch little pups try to play with her! Overall, he as been such a wonderful addition and I hope to blog about them both a little more in the future. Maybe we’ll need a Terrier Tuesday or something to go with Lump Day….. ( just don’t hold me to that…. )
PS – He does have a lovely, formal portait, which can be found at the JTP Facebook page , but this image goes with our topic today: Sunshine Time!

What an odd couple of months its been! Can’t really complain – the mild weather is lovely. And Bernard is especially happy that its not so cold anymore – although he did look pretty damn cute in his little sweaters and things :) But the sun is just too good to pass up right now. Its so warm and happy.

Which brings us to today’s post: the joy the sun brings Daisy and Bernard is just so wonderful. They move around the sun, basking in its glory. So much so, the other day when I returned, Bernard didn’t even get up to say hello – his sunshine spot was just too good.

I’ve been enjoying their quest to find the best sunshine spot over the last few weeks – or shall I say, SHARE the best sunshine spot. Its rather amusing at times – espeically when 14lbs Bernard is hogging most of it, and 65-70lbs Daisy doesn’t bother to move him, even though we all know she easily could…. Such good sharers :)

Anywho – enjoy. The portraits, my children, and the sun.

Happy Lump Day.

~ Jen

Together – St. Cloud / Central MN Lifestyle and Pet Photography

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Ah September, how I love you. Crisp fall days, birthdays to celebrate, leaves changing, sweaters and cute coats. At the same time, you also bring the height of Wedding season, the end of Senior season, and the beginning of Family fun! All which rock my socks off – but do make for very busy weeks and weekends, thus resulting in very little family time.

So, sometimes, you just need to snuggle.

In addition to Lump Day, it is also Glee night – Daisy and I wish you a fantastic evening of snuggling with the ones you love. Off to the couch!

Happy Lump Day.


~ Jen

Welcoming Fall – Central MN Pet Photography/Life Style Photography

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This morning’s walk was brought to you by hats, gloves, and 30 degree temps. Fall is here!

Miss Mae did not approve waiting outside for me to get ready this moring – for the whole 5 minutes I need to pull things together before our walk. Less than a minute after going out, she wanted to come back in. Toughen up puppy – this is only the beginning! She can be such a delicate flower – Ha! Pun intended!

(Thanks to Daddy for taking our portraits this morning – I was having horribly luck holding on to her and functioning the camera at the same time…)

Happy Lump Day!


~ Jen

Laundry Lumpy Day – St. Cloud / Central Minnesota Pet and Lifestyle Photography

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This week’s Lump Day actually fell on new washer and dryer day! It was a busy day, full of people in and out all day, with lots of fun clients coming – and visiting Dasiy, which always makes her a happy girl! But we had to take a little time to check out the new goodies!

Not sure what she thinks of them – excitement?  Boredom?  Confusion as to why Mommy is making her hang out by these weird new things…?  We might have to wait on that verdict til the scariness of Daddy working on that room wears off.

Hope your Lump Day was full of as much excitment as ours!


~ Jen

Letting Go and Saying Goodbye

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…….I’ve been pondering this blog for awhile, and yet I’m still not quite sure what I want to say…

6 weeks ago, I had to say goodbye to an amazing woman. I knew the day was coming, tried to prepare myself and failed miserably. So not cool.

I miss her laugh. I miss randomly stopping in at her house and chatting for an hour at the kitchen table. I miss watching her sew. I miss finding her reading in her sunny front porch. I miss her owl cookie jar. I miss her joy when I would bring her strawberries we’d pick in the summer. I miss the way she felt when I kissed her cheek.

I hate that its been 6 weeks and it will still creep up on my and take my breath away.  She told me not to cry – I wish I could.  I hate driving by her house and knowing she’s not there.

I’m happy I was able to tell her I loved her. I know I was one of the last people she spoke to and I will cherish that always. I’m glad she was able to see the portraits I created for her.  Whenever I photograph, I smile at the little froggie gift she gave me – he is always with me, smiling back.  I know she was proud of me.

I hope I can touch half as many people during my life as she did during hers.

I want to thank my clients for their understanding during this time.  It may not seem like much, but I appreciate it.  For your kind words, your flexibility rescheduling sessions, consultations, and viewings; your patience waiting for orders: Thank you.

To my friends, family, everyone: your happy vibes make me smile.  Thank you.

To my Grandma:  I miss you.  I love you.  Thank you.

I hope Grandpa had something amazing planned when you were reunited.  14 years is too long to be apart.


~ Jen

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