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Happy Movember! Started my day with some SHAVE THE DATE! fun! Head on over to 3rd Street Hair Company and get hooked up with Lyle for your straight razor shaves today and tomorrow! A portion of the proceeds from each shave will be donated to the Movember event to help raise money and awareness for men’s health. Start Movember off right with a fantastic shave – then let that Mo Grow!



Dustin said this was bliss – I was more than a little jealous!  ( I did end up getting a massage later from Christine at A New Day Therapeutic Massage to make up for it though – happy Jen!!!  Thanks Christine – seriously people, call Lyle and get your shave on (or one for your man) then call Christine and get a massage.  You’ll be one happy camper – and can thank me later :) )




Dr. Dustin from Allied Chiropractic starting Movember right!  First shave of the day!


Bryon from H&S Heating and A/C pulled up right was I was packing up – had to grab a few shots of him too!  Looking good guys!


Happy mustache growing! JTP has Movember Gala tickets! Come show off that awesome mustache at the end of the month with some tasty eats, libations, and lots of fun! Looking for more info – check here:

I can’t wait to see all the mustaches!!  Happy Movember!

~ Jen

Smitty – Ruff Start Rescue

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How can you not love that face?! Meet Smitty, the gloriously goofy, seriously handsome, lovable Greyhound mix pup my very dear friends are fostering. This boy is a lover and I just had to nab a few portraits of him while he is with them (which I’m sure won’t be for long!) He is such a great boy – whomever his forever family ends up being will be some very lucky people!


For more information about Smitty and how to adopt him, visit (he’s in the puppy category). Adoption totally rocks and I want to thank Ruff Start Rescue for helping awesome pups like Smitty find their forever homes. My little family wouldn’t be what it is today without organizations like theses (shout out to TCHS and MARS from Daisy and Bernard!)


So handsome – love him!  Let’s find his forever home.

Adopt – don’t shop.

~ Jen


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Jen Thompson Photography is excited to join forces with Allied Chiropractic, Leighton Broadcasting and 3rd Street Hair Company to raise funds and awareness for Men’s Health this November! Two awesome events are in the works – be sure to ‘Shave the Date’ November 1st and 2nd! Call 3rd Street to schedule your straight razor shave today! Space is limited so don’t wait! What an awesome opportunity to try something new – and raise funds for Men’s Health!

Movember flyer

At the end of the month, join us at the Movember Gala! You spent the month growing that mustache – join us November 26th at Westside Learning and Events Center to show off that glorious Mo! :) Tasty hot d’oeuvres, wine tasting, lots of mustaches – how can you go wrong! We’ll see you there!


F for FALL! F for FAMILY!

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Happy October!  And hello new blog!  You’ll have to bear with me a little as I figure out all the new whatsiewhosies and flimflams… I’ll get there!

Its that time of year for snuggly sweaters, cute boots, funky scarves, rich jewel tones, and so much family fun!  Its the perfect time for outdoor portraits of your amazing family – before Mother Nature decides to slam us with her lovely MN Winterland ;)  Plan those holiday cards and gift portraits – 12 weeks til the holidays and counting!  Here’s a little peek at some fall family fun!

JTPFallFamily2Florabella Triptych Timeline

JTPFallFamily1Diptych 3

JTPFallFamily3Diptych 4

JTPFallFamily4Diptych 4

JTPFallFamily6Florabella Triptych Timeline

Loving it!  Such warm, rich tones – so many options!  Give me a shout and let’s start brainstorming something fun for your family!

~ Jen

6 Weeks and Counting!

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I cannot believe we’re half way though summer! That last first day will be here before you know it! Spots are filling quickly – call today to reserve yours! Don’t leave your yearbook portrait to chance – let’s brainstorm something amazing for your Senior Experience!

Professional • Modern • Unique • You

~ Jen

Senior Recap: Tech

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I cannot believe its May 31st! This month has just flown by! Classes are wrapping up, commencement ceremonies are rocking, summer MAY finally grace us with its presence – so many things happening at once!

As this month and this school year comes to an end, I have one more awesome group of individuals for the Class of 2013 to recap and share. Check out the lovely ladies and gentlemen of Tech High School!

Tech1 SR Blogw

Such a fun group! I had such a blast with all of my Class of 2013 Seniors! I wish you all the best of luck in the future! Remember: its your life and you can do whatever you want with it. Don’t be afraid to make decisions – and don’t be afraid to make new ones if they don’t work out! You can always change what you want to do and who you want to be. But YOU have to be the change you want to be in the world – so just be sure to DO something :)

Congratulations! Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this part of your lives :)

~ Jen

Senior Recap: Cathedral

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The sun is FINALLY shining! Doesn’t look like it going to last, but I’ll take it while its here! It was so beautiful out today – and I had an awesome consultation with a lovely Senior this afternoon. I just can’t wait to jump in with the Class of 2014!

So, with all these lovely thoughts of Spring and Senior portrait goodness, it hit me that we need some more recap fun! Check out these lovely ladies from Cathedral High School!

What an amazing bunch of women! I can’t wait to meet their 2014 counterparts!

Thanks for taking a peek – hug a Senior near you! :) Now, head out and soak up some more sun – before it decides to hide again for the next few days!


~ Jen

A Smorgasbord of Senior Goodness

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Three schools – Six amazing individuals!

Today’s recap recognizes some awesome guys and gals from Sartell, Rocori and St. John’s Prep! Their sessions were totally different and all a blast! Funky locations, awesome activities, multiple seasons! Fun!

Thank you all for choosing JTP for your Senior Experiences! 6 weeks to go!


~ Jen

Class of 2013 Recap: Apollo High School, pt 1

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Its Monday – its raining. Sounds like we need more Senior fun!

Giving a little shout out to all the awesome JTP seniors at Apollo High School this morning! (We’ll not all – but a bunch!) :) This is apparently the all girls addition – and what at amazing group of women! I can’t wait for nice weather – all these images remind me of summer fun!

Thanks for choosing JTP for your Senior Experience ladies! Have a lovely, rainy Monday everyone!

~ Jen

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