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Happy Movember! Started my day with some SHAVE THE DATE! fun! Head on over to 3rd Street Hair Company and get hooked up with Lyle for your straight razor shaves today and tomorrow! A portion of the proceeds from each shave will be donated to the Movember event to help raise money and awareness for men’s health. Start Movember off right with a fantastic shave – then let that Mo Grow!



Dustin said this was bliss – I was more than a little jealous!  ( I did end up getting a massage later from Christine at A New Day Therapeutic Massage to make up for it though – happy Jen!!!  Thanks Christine – seriously people, call Lyle and get your shave on (or one for your man) then call Christine and get a massage.  You’ll be one happy camper – and can thank me later :) )




Dr. Dustin from Allied Chiropractic starting Movember right!  First shave of the day!


Bryon from H&S Heating and A/C pulled up right was I was packing up – had to grab a few shots of him too!  Looking good guys!


Happy mustache growing! JTP has Movember Gala tickets! Come show off that awesome mustache at the end of the month with some tasty eats, libations, and lots of fun! Looking for more info – check here:

I can’t wait to see all the mustaches!!  Happy Movember!

~ Jen


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Jen Thompson Photography is excited to join forces with Allied Chiropractic, Leighton Broadcasting and 3rd Street Hair Company to raise funds and awareness for Men’s Health this November! Two awesome events are in the works – be sure to ‘Shave the Date’ November 1st and 2nd! Call 3rd Street to schedule your straight razor shave today! Space is limited so don’t wait! What an awesome opportunity to try something new – and raise funds for Men’s Health!

Movember flyer

At the end of the month, join us at the Movember Gala! You spent the month growing that mustache – join us November 26th at Westside Learning and Events Center to show off that glorious Mo! :) Tasty hot d’oeuvres, wine tasting, lots of mustaches – how can you go wrong! We’ll see you there!


Sunshine Time, The Return of Lump Day, and Introducing Bernard – St. Cloud and Central MN Pet and Lifestyle Photography

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Its been too long.

Hello happy blogger world – and Happy Lump Day to you all! I feel like such a horrible Mother and Blogger – I haven’t posted in WAY to long, nor have I kept up with my lovely Lump Day posts. In addition, Daisy, Ben and I would like to introduce and have you all welcome the newest member of our little family, our son, Bernard.

We were thrilled to find and adopt Bernard back in November (again, I know – horrible Mother) and he fits in perfectly with our crazy little family. He is a two year old Boston Terrier, whom we adopted from the Midwest Animal Rescue and Services out of Minneapolis.  While Daisy really isn’t a ‘dog’ sort of dog, they actually get along very well – infact, she often lets him sit/lay on her, which we aren’t really sure why he enjoys doing that but maybe it keeps him warm or something…..he’s a little odd, but we all are, so it works :) Its interesting to watch them play – Miss Mae is SO stompy when she plays – its hilarious to watch little pups try to play with her! Overall, he as been such a wonderful addition and I hope to blog about them both a little more in the future. Maybe we’ll need a Terrier Tuesday or something to go with Lump Day….. ( just don’t hold me to that…. )
PS – He does have a lovely, formal portait, which can be found at the JTP Facebook page , but this image goes with our topic today: Sunshine Time!

What an odd couple of months its been! Can’t really complain – the mild weather is lovely. And Bernard is especially happy that its not so cold anymore – although he did look pretty damn cute in his little sweaters and things :) But the sun is just too good to pass up right now. Its so warm and happy.

Which brings us to today’s post: the joy the sun brings Daisy and Bernard is just so wonderful. They move around the sun, basking in its glory. So much so, the other day when I returned, Bernard didn’t even get up to say hello – his sunshine spot was just too good.

I’ve been enjoying their quest to find the best sunshine spot over the last few weeks – or shall I say, SHARE the best sunshine spot. Its rather amusing at times – espeically when 14lbs Bernard is hogging most of it, and 65-70lbs Daisy doesn’t bother to move him, even though we all know she easily could…. Such good sharers :)

Anywho – enjoy. The portraits, my children, and the sun.

Happy Lump Day.

~ Jen

Letting Go and Saying Goodbye

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…….I’ve been pondering this blog for awhile, and yet I’m still not quite sure what I want to say…

6 weeks ago, I had to say goodbye to an amazing woman. I knew the day was coming, tried to prepare myself and failed miserably. So not cool.

I miss her laugh. I miss randomly stopping in at her house and chatting for an hour at the kitchen table. I miss watching her sew. I miss finding her reading in her sunny front porch. I miss her owl cookie jar. I miss her joy when I would bring her strawberries we’d pick in the summer. I miss the way she felt when I kissed her cheek.

I hate that its been 6 weeks and it will still creep up on my and take my breath away.  She told me not to cry – I wish I could.  I hate driving by her house and knowing she’s not there.

I’m happy I was able to tell her I loved her. I know I was one of the last people she spoke to and I will cherish that always. I’m glad she was able to see the portraits I created for her.  Whenever I photograph, I smile at the little froggie gift she gave me – he is always with me, smiling back.  I know she was proud of me.

I hope I can touch half as many people during my life as she did during hers.

I want to thank my clients for their understanding during this time.  It may not seem like much, but I appreciate it.  For your kind words, your flexibility rescheduling sessions, consultations, and viewings; your patience waiting for orders: Thank you.

To my friends, family, everyone: your happy vibes make me smile.  Thank you.

To my Grandma:  I miss you.  I love you.  Thank you.

I hope Grandpa had something amazing planned when you were reunited.  14 years is too long to be apart.


~ Jen

Paris, Pt. 1 – Central MN International Photographer

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Today needs a little peek of Paris.

About a week ago, I returned from an amazing week long trip to Paris. I attended Scott Robert Lim’s World Tour Workshop, and worked not only on improving my skills as a photographer and artist, but also on myself.

It was a trip of firsts. My first international flight…….my first flight alone. Its very interesting not traveling with Ben. I had never flown without him. To be honest, I was slightly terrified to do it alone. Well, that, and the ever present dread I tend to have that I’ll throw up (again…) on a plane. (Its happened, it was not a good time… you motion sickness!) On top of that, you have navigating by your self, especially in a country where you don’t speak the native language, and (sadly) hauling all your luggage around with no one to help share the load (note to self, pack lighter. You don’t need to bring 4 books with….besides the French dictionary, you didn’t crack one of them you crazy woman….)

But, anywho – I made it. It was amazing. I didn’t miss any of my flights, I got around on the Metro and RER, I experienced Paris and I had a blast! I’m proud of myself. I meet many amazing individuals in the SRL Community and look forward to seeing them again someday. I’m happy to have a mentor in Scott, someone I know will support me and help me grow my business and skills as I move on in life. I’m thrilled to have international colleagues to visit, bounce ideas off of, and say hey, I know people in Slovenia!

I love that I took this time to invest in myself. I’m not going to lie – I had a minor panic attack before pressing the button to book this workshop. Sometimes investing in yourself shakes you to the core. But in the end, you realize that if you let fear rule every decision you make, you really won’t make any decisions.

You won’t live you life.

I don’t want to wake up 20 years (hell 5 YEARS) from now and wonder, “What if….?” Do something for me today – take a little risk. Doesn’t have to be a big one. But take one, and do something you’ve always wanted to do, always wanted to try.

And know that it’s ok if it doesn’t turn out the way you expected. That’s life – and at least you’re living it. You really can never fail when you’re investing in yourself – whatever experience you have is always worth it.


“On to the images!” you say! Can do! For this first post, I wanted to share some of the amazing and inspirational art that is EVERYWHERE in Paris! Its amazing to walk down any street (with just ordinary buildings that are works of art in themselves – but that’s another post…) and be bombarded with art. Its lovely and makes be incredibly happy.

(She has a friend)

One of my favorites – So much going on, all under her gaze. Love.

More to come from Paris.


~ Jen

Ah Sunshine – St. Cloud Pet Photographer / Lifestyle Photographer

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Since being home, I’ve been playing catch up – while trying to enjoy some time with Ben and Daisy. And when the sun is shining, its hard not to take a minute to enjoy.

Its so nice to have the porch chairs out, sit outside as a family, and enjoy the sun shine. Perhaps I’ll even be able to wrestle her out of my spot…..
What a lovely dork she is.

Happy Lump Day.


~ Jen

Waiting – Central Minnesota Pet Photographer

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Hello Hello!

I’ve recently come back from an amazing week of learning, photographing, experiencing, growing, and exploring Paris. Lots of amazing images to share from my journey – stay tuned! However, being away from home and internet access has resulted in some missed Lump Day goodness. Last week, I was photographing the iconic Eiffel Tower. Yesterday…… I just dropped the ball.

Blame it on a little bit of left over jetlag, rushing around doing all the things you need to do when you leave home and take a week long adventure, whatever you want to call it, Lump Day just slipped my mind until too late last night. So, I apologize, but hopefully a Thursday Lump Day will be just as lovely.

This morning, as in other mornings or times during they day when she is playing outside, I happen to glance out the door to find Miss Daisy gazing at me intently.


And it reminded me of all the waiting she had to do last week while I was away. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but Daisy has VERY strong seperation anxiety. She does not like when we leave her, even if both of us just venture into the yard for a few minutes without her. She is always overtly overjoyed at our return, dancing with happiness and calling out how we should never dane to leave her side again.

So you can about imagine the week Ben had while I was gone. (To put it short, there were days he returned home from work and needed to physically sit and hold her for half an hour to reassure her she hadn’t been left behind – and that I would return home soon.)

I love her. I wish I could tell her that whenever we need to leave her, we will ALWAYS come back for her. No matter what. I wish there was a way to help her understand that. We are family – she’s stuck with us.

Mommy’s home Dase. Happy (substitute) Lump Day.


~ Jen

Nine – St. Cloud Pet Photography / Central MN Lifestyle Photography

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Happy Lump Day! Actually, Happy BRITHDAY Lump Day! Miss Mae turned 9 this past Saturday! HAPPY BRITHDAY DAISY!

Every year for her birthday we have a little photo session. Who doesn’t love birthday portraits?! This year, Daisy decided her new scarf was the perfect accessory!

So styling!

And then on to the food!  This year we decided Daisy needed cake :)

She was very interested in her little cake!

VERY INTERESTED! She INHALED it when we let her have it! Sorry for anyone who was grossed out…..

Happy 9th to our favorite girl! We love you Lumpy!


~ Jen

( The very first image of the session – getting ready with Daddy.  Love it. )

Accomplishing Goals (and then some!) – Central Minnesota Photograher

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This past weekend was a whirl-wind of convention awesomeness. This years Northern Light Convention was hosted by Minnesota and held in Breezy Point. The theme was “Be a Rockstar” and was the weekend was packed with Rockstar goodness. I had the opportunity to sit in on some amazing programs, filling my head and a notebook full of amazing ideas to impliment now that I’m home. I was a Co-Chair for the Tradeshow and I had a lot of fun running around chatting with vendors and taking a peek at all the goodies they had to offer while making sure they had everything they needed. I would also like to give a shout out to all my student volunteers – you guys rocked my socks off and we’re a HUGE help! So many things would not have been accomplished without your help. Thank you THANK YOU!

I also had a breif opportunity to help with the print judging – one of my favorite parts of Convention. I love listening to the judges talk about the prints, learning from what they see, and growing as a photographer. It is amazing to witness and something I think every photographer should experience. To take that one step further, entering print competition yourself is an even bigger must. Learning to view my work in regards to the 12 elements of a Merit Photograph as established by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has made me a better photographer. Hands down. Its that simple.

This year, I set a personal goal for myself to hang at least 3 of my 4 prints. By this, I mean that I wanted at least 3 of my 4 prints to score 80 or above to be in the catagory of Deserving of a Merit. On Sunday night, I accomplished that goal. I had been so busy with the tradeshow that it actually took me until about 11:30p that night to find all my prints and their scores. But it was worth it – woohoo for blowing that goal out of the water! My competition prints for 2011 were:

“Abandoned” – Accepted into the MN Loan Collection. Adorn with a beautiful blue ribbon.

“Are We Done Yet?” – Accepted into the MN Loan Collection. Adorn with a beautiful blue ribbon.

“Cultural Instincts” – Accepted into the MN Loan Collection. Adorn with a beautiful blue ribbon.

“With You By My Side” – Adorn with a beautiful red ribbon.

I am so happy with all the results! It was an amazing year and I am very proud to have my work displayed with all the other amazing prints entered into competition. To add icing to the cake, Monday night during the awards ceremony, I was humbled and honored to receive a Non-Master Photographer Court of Honor Award.

For reference, the Non-Master Photographer Court of Honor Award is given to the Non-Master professional photographer with the top three highest scoring prints by a Non-Master photographer in the regional print competition judged by a panel of 7 nationally trained print competition judges from around the country. (Whew! That’s kind of a mouth full!) It was a fantastic and humbling feeling to be honored with such an award.

All in all, a fantastic weekend! I want to thank everyone for making the weekend a success! Besides the students I gave a shout out to earlier, I want to thank MNPPA President Sheri Wegner and Executive Director Nicole Bugnacki for all their help with the tradeshow and everything else. You both rock!

And for all you photographers out there reading this, I strongly encouage you to be a part of your local PPA affiliates and print competitions. The MNPPA is an amazing organization that I am proud to be a member and a board member of. For more infomation about this amazing group and its fantastic photographer and vendor members, visit:
Join! You will have a blast, form amazing personal and professional relationships, grow and learn as a photographer, and so much more! There’s even an event coming up March 20-21st – I’d love to meet you there!


~ Jen

PS – Just a little more Rockstar fun!

Sonny and Cher – I got you babe! Rocking out at the opening night Tradeshow Party! Too Much FUN! (pardon the image quality – it was a very quick snap on the phone.)
(….and yes, I am aware that I look like Groucho Marx….but the clothes are totally Sonny Bono. Just use your imagination :) Also, facial hair makes it next to impossible to eat – and turns your fingers black….)

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