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Together – St. Cloud / Central MN Lifestyle and Pet Photography

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Ah September, how I love you. Crisp fall days, birthdays to celebrate, leaves changing, sweaters and cute coats. At the same time, you also bring the height of Wedding season, the end of Senior season, and the beginning of Family fun! All which rock my socks off – but do make for very busy weeks and weekends, thus resulting in very little family time.

So, sometimes, you just need to snuggle.

In addition to Lump Day, it is also Glee night – Daisy and I wish you a fantastic evening of snuggling with the ones you love. Off to the couch!

Happy Lump Day.


~ Jen

Welcoming Fall – Central MN Pet Photography/Life Style Photography

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This morning’s walk was brought to you by hats, gloves, and 30 degree temps. Fall is here!

Miss Mae did not approve waiting outside for me to get ready this moring – for the whole 5 minutes I need to pull things together before our walk. Less than a minute after going out, she wanted to come back in. Toughen up puppy – this is only the beginning! She can be such a delicate flower – Ha! Pun intended!

(Thanks to Daddy for taking our portraits this morning – I was having horribly luck holding on to her and functioning the camera at the same time…)

Happy Lump Day!


~ Jen

Laundry Lumpy Day – St. Cloud / Central Minnesota Pet and Lifestyle Photography

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This week’s Lump Day actually fell on new washer and dryer day! It was a busy day, full of people in and out all day, with lots of fun clients coming – and visiting Dasiy, which always makes her a happy girl! But we had to take a little time to check out the new goodies!

Not sure what she thinks of them – excitement?  Boredom?  Confusion as to why Mommy is making her hang out by these weird new things…?  We might have to wait on that verdict til the scariness of Daddy working on that room wears off.

Hope your Lump Day was full of as much excitment as ours!


~ Jen

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