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Lump Day, Times 2 – St. Cloud Pet Photography / Lifestyle Photography

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That’s the sound of last week’s Lump Day post never being posted. Not even a day late – just not AT ALL. Sorry folks, I don’t even have a good excuse for ya. Apparently since Wednesday last week was one of few that wasn’t gloomy and rainy, I felt the need to soak up some sunshine. To make up for it, I have TWO lovely images of a certain awesome Lumpy Pup for your enjoyment :)

This week has been full of sunshine! We’ve been spending lots of time out in the yard, getting the gardens going, mowing, cleaning, getting the newest composter going, planing new flowers, the works. And Miss Mae has been enjoying Spring – sunshine, happy bird songs, lots of smells, and attempting to catch bees.

Budding trees are a wonderful place to find bees. She loves to catch them, although I have no idea why; they sting her in the mouth when she does and she does NOT enjoy that. I guess we all have things we know we shouldn’t do but do them anyways because they make us happy, even if only briefly.

My fav from today – so intent on what I’m up to. Focused on everything around us, the protector of the house.

I hope that helps fill your Lumpy Pup void from last weeks absence. Stay tuned next week for another peek into the wonderful world of Daisy :)

Happy Lumpy Day.


~ Jen

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