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Nine – St. Cloud Pet Photography / Central MN Lifestyle Photography

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Happy Lump Day! Actually, Happy BRITHDAY Lump Day! Miss Mae turned 9 this past Saturday! HAPPY BRITHDAY DAISY!

Every year for her birthday we have a little photo session. Who doesn’t love birthday portraits?! This year, Daisy decided her new scarf was the perfect accessory!

So styling!

And then on to the food!  This year we decided Daisy needed cake :)

She was very interested in her little cake!

VERY INTERESTED! She INHALED it when we let her have it! Sorry for anyone who was grossed out…..

Happy 9th to our favorite girl! We love you Lumpy!


~ Jen

( The very first image of the session – getting ready with Daddy.  Love it. )

3 Months ~ St. Cloud Childrens Photographer

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Sometimes I get a little ansy working at the computer. This morning, however, it was really hard not to smile. I mean, come on – how can you not smile a little while your sitting and processing cutness like this?!?

Meet Landon. He’s just a little cutie patootie! A little while back, I had the pleasure of meeting Landon and he’s peeps, and the honor of capturing his 3 month portraits. I’m very excited for next month, when we get to capture stage two of his four Beginnings sessions – 6 months! We’re hoping for a little outside fun, but either way, I know I’ll be smiling through that session too :)

Big baby blues!

I’m sorry, but the hat is just too cute!

3 months and already a fan!

Happy the share some smiles with you all!


~ Jen

CLASS OF 2012 • MODEL SEARCH ~ St. Cloud / Central MN Senior Photography

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I’m still looking for a couple of fantastic Senior Reps for the Class of 2012! Model Reps get TONS of fantastic perks, have a blast, and, of course, have amazing images to share with friends and family! Interested?!?  Know someone in the class of 2012 – give them a shout!  Follow the link to the fab Senior Survey!

Click here to take survey

Wondering about all the awesomeness that comes with being a JTP 2012 Senior Model Rep?! Well, take a peek!

Who doesn’t LOVE sweet SWAG! Woohoo! Check out the survey – fill it out – and get ready for your fantastic Senior Experience with Jen Thompson Photography! I can’t wait to meet you!

~ Jen

The ‘Daisy LOVES Babies’ Lump Day Edition ~ St. Cloud Pet Photographer / Midwest Children’s Photographer

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Daisy thinks they are the bees knees. She loves to smell them, kiss them, worries when they cry. So, of course, during lovely little Miss Adalynn’s 4 month session this past weekend, Daisy needed to assist.

She’s such a good helper.

As a disclaimer to mothers out there: Large, Lumpy Pups will NOT be present during your child’s portrait session! Adalynn is Daisy’s ‘cousin’ – Daisy does not help with non-family sessions. Unless, of course, at your request.  In which case, she would LOVE to meet, kiss, and love your little ones. :)

Happy Lump Day.


~ Jen

Seasons – St. Cloud Pet Photographer / Lifestyle Photographer

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Ah Seasons.

I love that Minnesota has seasons. I think if we ever moved, I would get really sad at the lack of quarterly change.

Winter is finally starting to actually give way. We are past the teaser days and into the climb to Spring. As lovely as snow is, by March its nice to watch it melt. Melting brings puddles. Puddles bring puppy prints.

Puddles also bring muddy puppies, but we’re not that far into the Spring climb yet :)

Happy Lump Day. Enjoy.

~ Jen

Accomplishing Goals (and then some!) – Central Minnesota Photograher

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This past weekend was a whirl-wind of convention awesomeness. This years Northern Light Convention was hosted by Minnesota and held in Breezy Point. The theme was “Be a Rockstar” and was the weekend was packed with Rockstar goodness. I had the opportunity to sit in on some amazing programs, filling my head and a notebook full of amazing ideas to impliment now that I’m home. I was a Co-Chair for the Tradeshow and I had a lot of fun running around chatting with vendors and taking a peek at all the goodies they had to offer while making sure they had everything they needed. I would also like to give a shout out to all my student volunteers – you guys rocked my socks off and we’re a HUGE help! So many things would not have been accomplished without your help. Thank you THANK YOU!

I also had a breif opportunity to help with the print judging – one of my favorite parts of Convention. I love listening to the judges talk about the prints, learning from what they see, and growing as a photographer. It is amazing to witness and something I think every photographer should experience. To take that one step further, entering print competition yourself is an even bigger must. Learning to view my work in regards to the 12 elements of a Merit Photograph as established by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has made me a better photographer. Hands down. Its that simple.

This year, I set a personal goal for myself to hang at least 3 of my 4 prints. By this, I mean that I wanted at least 3 of my 4 prints to score 80 or above to be in the catagory of Deserving of a Merit. On Sunday night, I accomplished that goal. I had been so busy with the tradeshow that it actually took me until about 11:30p that night to find all my prints and their scores. But it was worth it – woohoo for blowing that goal out of the water! My competition prints for 2011 were:

“Abandoned” – Accepted into the MN Loan Collection. Adorn with a beautiful blue ribbon.

“Are We Done Yet?” – Accepted into the MN Loan Collection. Adorn with a beautiful blue ribbon.

“Cultural Instincts” – Accepted into the MN Loan Collection. Adorn with a beautiful blue ribbon.

“With You By My Side” – Adorn with a beautiful red ribbon.

I am so happy with all the results! It was an amazing year and I am very proud to have my work displayed with all the other amazing prints entered into competition. To add icing to the cake, Monday night during the awards ceremony, I was humbled and honored to receive a Non-Master Photographer Court of Honor Award.

For reference, the Non-Master Photographer Court of Honor Award is given to the Non-Master professional photographer with the top three highest scoring prints by a Non-Master photographer in the regional print competition judged by a panel of 7 nationally trained print competition judges from around the country. (Whew! That’s kind of a mouth full!) It was a fantastic and humbling feeling to be honored with such an award.

All in all, a fantastic weekend! I want to thank everyone for making the weekend a success! Besides the students I gave a shout out to earlier, I want to thank MNPPA President Sheri Wegner and Executive Director Nicole Bugnacki for all their help with the tradeshow and everything else. You both rock!

And for all you photographers out there reading this, I strongly encouage you to be a part of your local PPA affiliates and print competitions. The MNPPA is an amazing organization that I am proud to be a member and a board member of. For more infomation about this amazing group and its fantastic photographer and vendor members, visit:
Join! You will have a blast, form amazing personal and professional relationships, grow and learn as a photographer, and so much more! There’s even an event coming up March 20-21st – I’d love to meet you there!


~ Jen

PS – Just a little more Rockstar fun!

Sonny and Cher – I got you babe! Rocking out at the opening night Tradeshow Party! Too Much FUN! (pardon the image quality – it was a very quick snap on the phone.)
(….and yes, I am aware that I look like Groucho Marx….but the clothes are totally Sonny Bono. Just use your imagination :) Also, facial hair makes it next to impossible to eat – and turns your fingers black….)

George’s Lump Day Debute ~ St. Cloud Pet Photographer / Central MN Lifestyle Photographer

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Ah best friends. They make life glorious, help us feel safe when we’re shaken, brighten our days, and are always there. Everyone needs a best friend – more if you’re really lucky. For Daisy, that best friend is George.

When Ben and I first brought Daisy home, we went shopping for those things you think your dog should have. Food, bowls, leash, toys, you get the idea. While shopping, I decided she needed a little buddy kind of toy. Not just a rope or ball, but a bear. Because everyone needs a bear to love. And so we found George.

Now, George isn’t any old bear. He’s Daisy’s lovie. She has had him from her very first day with us and she loves him. She likes to share her treats with him, tosses him around, gives him baths, snuggles with him, carries him around the house, squeezes him to make him talk. He’s her bud.

I love knowing that she has him. I love that she loves him and cherishes him as something special and hers.

Happy Lump Day.


~ Jen

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