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Lump Day ~ St. Cloud Pet Photography / Portrait Photography

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Hello Hello :)

I’ve decided that Wednesday shall now be ‘Lump’ day rather than ‘Hump’ day as far as the blog goes. Confused? No worries – I’ll explain.  If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting our lovely Miss Daisy Mae, you may have noticed she sometimes looks rather odd. In fact, she’s covered in lumps. We’ve had them checked – apparently some dogs get these crazy tumors all over the place. They don’t hurt her and are non-cancerous – they just make her lumpy. Because of which, she is often and endearingly referred to as:

Lumpy Puppy
Lumpy Girl

You get the picture.  So, in all her lumpy glory, I’ve decided that Wednesday should be her day. Tune in each week for some Daisy love.


~ Jen

Brraaaiiiinnnnnsssss….. ~ St. Cloud / Central MN Portrait Photographer

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Happy Tuesday! Todays blog is inspired by the lovely Ms. Held’s new blog:

Be sure to check it out – tons of fun!

I’ve had the great honor to get to know Cara and Michael over the past year and we’ve had a blast running around creating amazing images! To be frank, they both rock my socks off :) Their wedding images are on the list of awesome blogs I need to do but you can take a peek at their awesome esession love here:

But anywho – on to today’s blog! Cara and Michael attended the Zombie Pub Crawl this past October in Minneapolis. We met up for a quick session before they left and today seemed like the perfect night to reveal some of our undead fun!



Betrayal of the undead…

Never trust a zombie.

~ Jen

A+A = LOVE ~ St. Cloud Minnesota Wedding Photographer

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Hello Hello!

I am in super need to blog TONS of amazing sessions from the past couple of months – so I figured I might as well start today! And since I am in the process of creating Amity and Aaron’s amazing wedding album, I figured they were an great place to start :)

Amity and Aaron had a beautiful, intimate outdoor ceremony at local Riverside Park here in St. Cloud – surrounded by loving family and close friends on a brisky September afternoon. What a beautiful place to begin their lives together.

“…and you may kiss your bride.” LOVE IT – so much love everywhere! Makes me happy :)

Congratulations Amity and Aaron! Thank you for letting me capture the beginning of your incredible journey together!

~ Jen

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