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Happy Halloween! ~ St. Cloud Lifestyle Photographer

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Happy Halloween!! (Well, tomorrow, but its close enough!) :)

Its my most favorite time of year! Crunchy leaves and acorns, beautiful reds and yellows, and best of all, PUMPKINS! We were a little late picking this year – last Saturday was a fairly cold and rainy day. We’ve vowed to make sure we go earlier next year :) Thankfully the rain stayed away long enough for us to pick in the morning, letting us carve that night! It was Shane’s very first trip to the pumpkin patch and despite the weather I think he thought it was great! The patch was pretty picked over, but we still found a bunch of jems :) And of course, with pumpkin carving comes pumpkin seeds and lots of pumpkin for tasty baked things! Yum!

The lovely Miss Berly

…..and yes, Adam did stick his pumpkin on his head….it was awesome :)

…..which, of couse, meant it also need a face on the back side so he could wear it right side up!

Our finished creations!! Aren’t they a great bunch this year! Awesome job everyone!

(In order, from the top:  Ben, Katie, Jason, Jeanette, Katie, Adam, Jen and Jen.)

I hope everyone has a lots of fun this Halloween weekend and gets lots of candy for theirs tricks and treats! Enjoy this most spooky day!!!

~ Jen

PS – Lots more fun blogging to come – hopefully in the very near future. One of these days I will get better at blogging……

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