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L+N+A = FUN! ~ St. Cloud Childrens Photographer

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Meet the gang! For the past two years I have had the awesome honor of photographing this awesome trio! We always have such a blast and I love running around whereever we end up with them! This year we decided on a local park and had such a blast! Its so amazing to see them grow and learn all about them! The gears are already working on next years location! I cannot wait!

L • Skateboarder, guitar player, cheese pizza lover. He can totally rock pretty much every pose in the GQ catalog.

A • She’s the little model – pretty sure she would run around and pose for me all day! She always has awesome stories to tell me and I love it :)

N • Such a character! So full of energy but always has the perfect little quite smile for me. He never ceases to amaze me.

*HUGS* Thanks for another awesome session guys! I know we are going to have many more!

~ Jen

Alli Class of 2011 ~ St. Cloud Senior Photographer

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Meet Alli! This little cutie is a major fashionista! All of her outfits rocked – everytime I see her she looks absolutely fabulous! I’ve pretty much decided that I just need her to dress me at all times :) Alli session ended up being a two parter due to rain, which basically just meant more time for fun! Her lovely mom and sister joined us and the 4 of us ran all over town creating awesome images of Alli! Thanks for all the fun ladies!

LOVE IT! Rain didn’t get us down! Thanks Jami at Gypsy Lea’s for all the fun!

Let me tell you about this dress! It rocks – it is HUGE! Alli is one of the tiniest little things around – this dress totally engulfed her! Also, you would not believe how many grasshoppers ended up in the many, many, MANY layers of tulle. It was amazing – Alli is amazing! Thanks for rocking the dress for me :)

…..I wasn’t joshing ya about the hugeness….

Yea for fun!

~ Jen

Jolene & Todd ~ Central MN Wedding Photographer

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Time for a little wedding fun! Jolene and Todd’s private ceremony in Mora was, to be honest, breathtaking! Blue sky, sunshine, wild flowers, joyous family and friends – what a fantastic day to get married! The best personal touch was that Todd proposed to Jolene there! It was a day fill with love and I’m so thankful to have been a part of it!

A wedding tradition that I learned about that morning! All the single ladies get their names written on the bottom of the bride’s shoes – whomever’s name rubs off the most will be next to walk down the aisle! Fun!

Cheek Zerbert! Love it!

Where Todd asked Jolene to be his wife!

Super Hug! Its good to surround yourselves with loving, supportive people :)

Jolene & her Dad – makes me smile :)

Congratulations again Jolene & Todd!


Ashley Class of 2011 – Sauk Rapids/Rice Senior Photographer

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Hello! I’ve decided its beyond time to catch up on happy blogging! So, to kick start some blogging fun, meet Ashley!

Ashley, her mom, and I had a blast running around one evening creating some fun images of Ashley! She busted out her color guard moves for me – it brought back happy memories of high school band fun :) I loves me some marching band! Thanks again for a lovely evening ladies!


LOVE IT – Can’t you hear the drum now?!?

Look at those blue eyes! Gorgeous!

~ Jen

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