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Mushrooms are Crazy!

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Since it actually isn’t raining (yet) today, Ben, Daisy, and I thought it would be a good idea to do some things around the yard this morning. With all the rain, we had a couple of crazy mushrooms take up residence. Look at how huge these things are! Also, they are strangely soft and fleshy feeling – weird. Our dwarf cherry trees are also going crazy – have to pick what I can before the birds eat them all! A baker’s dozen today – woohoo! Thought I would share some of my morning dorky fun – Enjoy!

~ Jen

A+A ~ St. Cloud Engagement Photography

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In my attempt to blog more, I thought I would share some of the fun from Amity and Aaron’s Esession. We had a blast – and they were awesome enough to endulge my desire to haul their sweet red couch outdoors :) Happy Jen! These two are lovely – their September wedding is going to be beautiful – I can wait! Enjoy.

~ Jen

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