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Hope you all are having a wonderful holiday! ~ Jen

Sing, Sing, Sing…

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This morning, Ben and I had the pleasure of enjoying some beautiful music! My Momia had a concert sort of thing – she sings in the choir at her church, Bethlehem Luthern here in St. Cloud. What was so cool was that the music was written especially for the church and another church in town by a composer. It was lovely – lots of singing (the adult and children’s choir), bells ringing, trumpets, flutes, harmonicas….it made me happy! Plus, to add to the fun, there were pretty quilts everywhere, just waiting to be sent to families in need! Lots of festivities on a Sunday morning! ~ Jen


This is my Momia :)


This is my Grandma :)


I Heart Bells




This nice piggy quilt was right in front of me :)


Criss Cross makes you wanna….

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Jump! Jump!

I’ve honestly yet to find an occasion where jumping doesn’t make everything 8 million times better!! I mean, really – it makes you happy, its exercise, it helps keep you warm when its 40ish degrees out….its really a win win all around in my book!

I got to hang with the Frerich gang this morning (and then Pizza Ranch after – woo hoo for dessert pizza!!) We had a pretty rocking time running around the farm. Just wanted to share some jumpy fun with all the kids – it will make you smile and that’s a good thing – let the smiles come :)

~ Jen


Retouching Break!

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Sometime my brain just needs to focus on something else for a bit….here’s what resulted today…

Portrait from this weekend – messing around in the Baraboo alley’s.  Jen Hearts Ben

Back to work!!! ~ Jen

Back from IL

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Hello Hello!!

We spent some time in the Madison and Chicago areas this past weekend – it was great to see some of both sides of the family!   My cousin, Michael, married his bride, Jolene, and I had the honor of photographing their beautiful day for them.  Wish them both happiness in thier new life together and safe travels as they relocate to Korea soon!!

More fun to come from our busy weekend but just wanted to post a quick peek – and show the fun you get from different points of view! This is why I love when Ben can join me at weddings to get a second perspective! Same scene – two totally different images! Enjoy!! ~ Jen




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(which you know since you are reading this….)
Fun Fun Fun! Thanks to everyone who’se been checking it out! And thanks to Ashley of Ashley Fuchs Design for all her rocking web work! If you need a website built, give her a call :)

I’m looking forward to sharing with you all!  But for now, Good Night!

~ Jen

Happy Harvest!

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Hello Hello!!

I hope everyone had a fab Halloween!  Halloween is my most favorite holiday – I love all things pumpkin!  As per tradition, every year Ben and I get together with our wonderful friends (the more the merrier!) and travel out to Sleep Hallow Pumpkin Patch!  We normally go on a lovely evening and have a fab time!  This year was equally wonderful – just on a sunny, chilly morning :)  But wonderful pumpkins were still had!  And from those pumpkins came the best pumpkin seeds I’ve ever roasted and some of Ben’s awesome pumpkin chocolate chip muffins….Happy Bellies.  Check below for some of our picking adventure – Enjoy!  ~ Jen


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